Adventures! Part May and Part June

May and June have been FULL of super fun adventures!
Let's document them, shall we?

May 13-19: Oregon!
I went to Oregon to see the boy! It was delightfully awesome and I definitely have a special spot in my heart for Oregon now.


First stop, Portland Temple<3

Wow look at that stud, what a cutie

I told him to look happy for a picture

I've been off wheat since September, and this was my first bite of it since then.
A McDonald's hamburger was a terrible choice. Just dreadful.

We went to Silver Falls State Park and it was INCREDIBLE! I love nature.



So many TREES!

I LOVE Portland

This snapchat pretty much sums it up

We went to this cute drive in!

With a painful goodbye, it was PDX-->LGB

June 6: Jane's Baptism!
YAY my dear dear friend Jane was finally baptized! I love her so much and I'm so incredibly happy for her. It was so great:) I've never seen so many people at a baptism ever in my life. Jane is certainly VERY loved.

June 10: 19th Birthday!
Oh weird, I am old.
I had such a great day. My family definitely makes me feel loved :)

We went to the beach and had lunch at Ruby's on the pier. Lucky me!

June 11: Mission Papers Submitted!!!
It is quite the process to get mission papers submitted and sent to Salt Lake, but it finally all fell into place! I can't wait to serve the Lord and the people of wherever I serve!

"I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord
Over mountains or plain or sea"


Woo HOO! There's lots of guesses. Can't wait to find out!:)

Last Week (June 14-20): I Love to See the Temple!

Last week I went to the temple twice! It was super awesome and great preparation for opening my mission call. (Can you tell I'm excited???)

June 21: Father's Day and Bush Modeling
Father's Day was awesome. My dad's been going out of town a lot so it was really great to see him. Dinner was AMAZING.
Also on the way home from the Young Single Adult ward, Jane and I stopped and took pictures by this flower bush that we thought was super pretty. It's the little things in life, right? It was a great opportunity to be grateful for God's beautiful creations.

I definitely want to be a bush model now so there's that.

June 22: Baseball Game! GO ANGELS.
They even won! GO MIKE TROUT<3

Cute friends:)

Best hot dog ever, I ate the whole thing

June isn't over yet, but I think the only super exciting thing left is opening my call, which will be getting its own post :)