Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I don't know where to start, so I guess I'll just dive in.

It took me leaving home to realize how much like you I am.
I tell REALLY dumb jokes, and when I laugh really hard, I make the same face that you do when you laugh really hard. You know, the one when you squint your eyes a lot, your face turns red, tears start coming out of the corners of your eyes, and your shoulders start shaking? Well I do that too.

We used to fight a lot, and that sort of sucks and I wish I could go back in time and cherish my time with you when I still lived at home full time. However, it just shows me one more way I am a lot like you.
When I believe something, I believe it WHOLE HEARTEDLY. I am absolutely sure that I'm right and it takes a lot to convince me otherwise. I will look up stupid facts, definitions or a distance on a map just to prove I'm right, sound familiar?:) I hate being wrong, and I can find competition in almost everything. But ya know, it's this same intensity that gives me a passion and zest for life and the gospel. I am prepared to defend my beliefs and what I stand for.

When I'm all grown up and have a husband and kids of my own--now let's be clear, I'm definitely NOT ready to be married any time soon--I want to teach them by actions, just like you do.
Just like you, I want to be the first one attending to someone who needs help. You're like a superhero in that you can just sense when there's someone in need. You're there, helping, before most people even know there's a problem. If I can summon a sliver of that awesome superpower, I know that life will be a lot happier.

Even though I pretend to be annoyed whenever you talk about your mission because you talk about it SO MUCH, I actually love it. I'm so proud to have a dad that sacrificed so much to go to Toronto, Canada--did you know President Monson used to be a mission president there?;)--and serve for 2 years. You're such a great example to me and I can't wait to fall in love with my mission just like you did. I can't wait to tell my kids (and anyone else who will listen) endless stories and facts about wherever I go and the awesome experiences I have.

Thank you for being my supporter in all things. Thanks for teaching me about football, and sorry I never did sports. Thanks for going to all my choir concerts, dance recitals, musicals, voice recitals, shows I did tech for, and many many many other things. I don't think any of those things would have been as awesome without you cheering me on. I'm not as good as you think I am, but I appreciate your support anyway :)

"Grateful" doesn't even begin to express how I feel when I think about every priesthood blessing you've ever given me. In times of stress, sadness, anxiety, etc., you have always been worthy and willing to give me a blessing of comfort. There will never be enough "thank you"'s to express my love and thankfulness for you.

Happy Father's Day, to the #1 Dad.

Love you,